How will Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence fare in his rookie season?

Dalton Del Don and Mario Puig discuss how the Jacksonville QBs game will translate from the ACC to the AFC.

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DALTON DEL DON: Trevor Lawrence could be a generational talent. He looks the part, that's for damn sure. But the stats don't quite back that up. But obviously, he's young, and he hasn't even thrown a pro pass yet. So thoughts on Trevor Lawrence?

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MARIO PUIG: I think that Trevor Lawrence's stats are really good. I think that some of the more recent analysis is comparing him to players who are in systems that are much easier to compile numbers. And in levels of competition-- I guess, specifically I'm thinking like, Big 12. I know Justin Fields was in the Big Ten. But that's also not that tough of a level of competition. I guess Michigan's tough, but a lot of the rest of the Big Ten's just totally overmatched against Ohio State, whereas Clemson was getting some tough games there and a lot of playoff games each year, I think, for Trevor Lawrence's box score.

More than most quarterbacks he's compared to, he's playing college playoff games three or four-- whatever times it is-- a year. And he's playing in more difficult conditions. He's given more responsibility. They throw him into the fire in a way that you wouldn't other quarterbacks.

And I think in any case, what stands out about Trevor Lawrence is the number of just physical feats that he can accomplish that other players can't. And I'm thinking specifically of the combination of the athleticism and the throwing ability. He can do things like-- he can set up platforms for throwing by moving around and also anticipating correctly.

His mind for the game is very sharp is the thing too. I don't want to compare him to Mahomes. But rather than Zach Wilson, if there were a vaguely similar to Mahomes quarterback, it would be Trevor Lawrence, in the way that they have these insane physical tools but also just kind of, it seems like they have a Jedi mind or something some of the times. The things that they conceive as throwing possibilities are things that just would never occur to other quarterbacks. And even if it did, they wouldn't be able to get--


They wouldn't be able to arrange spatially the situations that they would need to to get the throwing lanes, to get the platforms, to get the wind-up space, the time to put it all together at the same time. And Lawrence just kind of has that sort of-- you might call it a point guard sort of instinct. He kind of can do the no-look pass kind of thing, not like Mahomes. But he can just kind of do things that you can't really coach and that you wouldn't coach if you could because it's bad to try to get away with the things that Trevor Lawrence does. But he can do it, and other players just can't really.

So I think there are just a lot of plays that he makes where you can see-- you can imagine getting to the NFL, where-- especially the illegal contact rules in the NFL-- I think it's going to be harder to defend a player like Trevor Lawrence in the NFL than it was in college. And part of it too is he might have to establish the rush threat at some point. But once he does, that will be understood. They will say, oh, we have to put containment on him. We can't mess around with that again. He'll run past us like he did Ohio State.