Jaguars put Trevor Lawrence (knee) back on injury report

The Jaguars got caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. They have now removed said hand from said jar.

In response to an inquiry as to whether the league is exploring the failure of the Jaguars to continue to list quarterback Trevor Lawrence as having a knee injury even though both Lawrence and coach Doug Pederson have made it clear that his knee is still injured, the NFL has informed PFT that the Jaguars adjusted their Thursday injury report.

Per the team, Lawrence fully participated in practice, with a knee injury.

The report at the team’s official website, as of this posting, does not yet contain that information.

Lawrence suffered the knee injury in Week 6, against the Colts. He was listed on the report for both Week 7 and Week 8. He was not listed for Week 9 or, until now, Week 10.

It's unclear whether the Jaguars will face a fine or any other sanction for the failure to continue to disclose the knee injury. If the end result is simple a Mulligan, that hardly incentivizes other teams to comply with the rules.