Jags take Travon Walker with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the Jacksonville Jaguars selection of Travon Walker at No. 1 in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- It is indeed Travon Walker, goes number one overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars. What a ride it has been to get to this actually being official.

- Mike, I want to ask you something.

- Yeah?

- If I would have said, before this draft process started, I want you to rank the best players on George's defense, on George's defense, where would Walker have come out on your list?

- It's in terms of last year on a football field?

- Yeah.

- Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of eight.

- That's what I was thinking you were going to say.

- I know. Isn't that unbelievable?

- Crazy. So I mean-

- Well, also, George is unique. We'll just say that.

- One of the great defenses of all time.

- Somebody tweeted a picture today of the defensive line, and it was Travon Walker, Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt, Jalen Carter, standing next to, I don't know if it was the defensive line coach or high school coach or whoever it was, but that is what we're talking about, all four guys probably going to be first round picks.

- I just want to say one more time, though, this is not about who is the best player in college football. This is about which player you think is going to be the best professional athlete for the next decade. And I'm telling you, I watched a ton of Travon Walker, and he missed four sacks, so he could have easily been at 10 this year. He hasn't played hardly at all. I don't think he started until this season. At any point, he played every position on defense, off-ball, linebacker, so it's not like he was going to pile up a bunch of edge stats. So if you leave him on the edge, and you let them rush for 17 games, is he going to get the 10 or 12 sacks? I think absolutely yes.

- All right, Mike, run us through the bio of Travon Walker. What do we need to know about the guy? Give us the height, weight, the measurables. Give us the skinny on him.

- So a true junior coming out of Georgia, like you said. Just started, first year starting this past year, did move all around that Georgia defense. His numbers aren't going to be as comparable because he did a lot of scheme rushes, a lot of having to set the edge on mush rush, a lot of having to fill his gap on blitzes and that sort of thing. But even when he did get the chance to attack, wasn't that productive. But he's 6'7'', 272, with 35 and 1/2 inch arms and ran a 4.51 40 at the combine. That is a tenth of a second faster than Myles Garrett, the fastest ever for 270-plus pound player. Stupid athletically, you look at his numbers. 6, 8, 9, 3, [? come on, ?] like his all round numbers would be an average cornerback.

He could pass for an average cornerback athletically with how he tested at the combine, which is ironic because if you're looking at his highlights and watching NFL Network or ESPN right now, they're showing plays in coverage. Those are his best plays are legitimately chasing down quarterbacks outside the pocket. The pass break up against Florida, running with a wheel route against Ole Miss, because he had 13 plays last season graded at plus one or higher.

If you're unfamiliar with PFF's grading system, that means- plus one is going above and beyond the call of duty. 13 last year, all season long. Hutchison had 79 such graded plays. You're just banking on what he could be, 70.5 overall grade, the lowest ever for number one overall pick in the NFL.

- We wondered how long it would take for the Detroit Lions to turn in the card, if Aidan Hutchinson was still there, and he is still there. We don't know if it's Aidan Hutchinson yet, but we know that the pick- Before we got to that, I did want to throw it to you because you've been tweeting out pass rushing stats that we have over at PFF that just talk about how far away Travon Walker is. So just hit those before we get to this [? Lions day. ?]

- No, I think a lot of the conversation around Travon Walker has been, at least about his production, is that the role he played at Georgia, right, the role he played at Georgia didn't ask him to pin his ears back in true passing situations and all these things. You control for pretty much any situation that Walker was in, not only was he not productive, but he wasn't even as productive as a pass rusher as Jordan Davis or Devonte Wyatt, or Jalen Carter. Like other players in that same defense, you look at pass rush win rate- can't say that word today. Pass rush win rate on third and four plus, worst of the class. You look at outside the tackle alignments. It's worse than the class. You look at inside the tackle alignments because he played a lot of that. Worst even behind Jordan Davis, and Devonte Wyatt, so the production is just not there yet. It's going to take some time.