Jaden Springer, Sixers focused on winning, not about rotation minutes

The Philadelphia 76ers are looking to move forward under the guidance of Nick Nurse after the big James Harden trade. They are welcoming new pieces to the roster following the trade and they are looking to integrate them.

The arrival of four new players begs the question of who plays when and where. Nurse had begun to nail down the rotation, but then the arrival of Nic Batum, Marcus Morris Sr., Robert Covington, and KJ Martin threw it out of whack a little bit.

Jaden Springer, who is also in the mix for rotation minutes on a nightly basis, stated that the team is focused on winning. Not who plays.

“I don’t see no egos or anything,” Springer told reporters. “I feel like everybody just wants to win. That’s the vibes I’m getting in the locker room, on the court, everybody wants to win, and I feel like that’s been showing so far this season.”

The players the Sixers brought in are all veterans aside from Martin. Guys like Batum, Morris Sr., and Covington have put their time into the league and they have been able to have success in the NBA. That is some wisdom that Springer can continue to learn from.

“You can learn a lot from those guys,” Springer added. “Everybody has a different story. All of them have been in the NBA for at least 10, 12 years. You’ve got Nic, Marcus Morris, Covington. So all those guys have been around for a while. To be able to pick their brains, it’s big.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire