Jacque Vaughn on getting Nets full-time job: ‘I guess I was the write-in candidate’

The new Brooklyn Nets head coach — who was named to the full-time position on Wednesday after holding the interim role following Steve Nash’s firing — spoke about receiving the job, including a joke on getting the nod over Ime Udoka.

Video Transcript


JACQUE VAUGHN: I guess that was the, what was it, the write-in candidate in the minds of elections right now. But I'm OK with that. I said to my wife, I might have not been her first choice and we've been together 20 years.

So you know it could all work out. So off we go. I can really say, honestly, I've served every coach that I've been with and staff, looked them in the eye, had their back and did their job, hopefully to make it easier for them. And I told my son today, you just do what you're supposed to do, man, every day, and it's nothing wrong with that. And hopefully you get rewarded for it.

And if you don't, you can look yourself in the mirror every night. If you do get rewarded, off you go. The opportunity always felt would come around if it was meant to be.

I really do believe in that. I teach my kids that and I was OK if it didn't come around. And my ability to still be around this group was something special to me and it ended up coming around.