Jackson State coach Deion Sanders has stolen boombox returned after emotional plea

Jackson State coach Deion Sanders had his prized boombox returned to him on Tuesday, one day after it and other items were stolen out of his truck.

The NFL Hall of Famer posted to Instagram on Monday afternoon, revealing that his truck had been broken into early that morning. By Tuesday, Sanders shared that it had been returned with a handwritten note.

“Man they wild,” the note read. “They say they didn’t know but I ain’t trippin’ over no bread. Just please bring back hope 2 Jackson. HMU. A winning season would be great.”

Sanders, naturally, was thrilled.

“If we can come together over a darn boombox I know we can come together for issues like senseless murders, kidnapping, financial literacy, education, teenage pregnancy, family breakdown, drugs and alcohol abuse and crime,” he wrote on Instagram. “We can do this Jackson Mississippi and EVERYWHERE ELSE! I love y’all and y’all proved me right.”

Sanders’ boombox stolen Monday morning

Sanders said on Monday that a white Suburban smashed a window in his truck before 6 a.m. on Monday and took the boombox, which was given to him as a birthday gift. He even offered a reward for it’s return.

It’s not clear who specifically stole the boombox or returned it, but the Jackson police department told TMZ that they’ve been looking for that vehicle “for a while now.” Sanders said the letter did include a phone number in the return note.

“I’m a little disturbed, because the boombox has a sentimental value … I want that boombox back,” sanders said in a video from the field at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium. “I don’t get a darn about the Suburban, about the window, we can always get that fixed. Even the material thing, but it’s just the principal of it. Somebody that’s very special and dear to me gave me that as a birthday gift, and I want that back.”

Thankfully for Sanders, his video seemed to get the job done.

NFL Hall of Famer and Jackson State coach Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders' truck was broken into early on Monday morning in Mississippi. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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