Jacksonville QB Trevor Lawrence disrespects all of Pittsburgh with ‘little yellow towels’ comment

Shots fired.

On Thursday, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence spoke to the media ahead of their showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He decides, right out of the gate, to disrespect perhaps the most iconic image in all of Steelers lore. Steeler Nation swinging those Terrible Towels and the sea of yellow

“I know what they are,” Lawrence said. “Those little yellow towels they swing around.”

Little yellow towels, eh? I guess no one told Lawrence that the curse of the Terrible Towel and players who disrespect them are doomed to fail. Now that Lawrence has done this, he has surely sealed the fate of the Jaguars before they even get to Pittsburgh.

The Steelers head into this week’s game at 4-2 after a huge comeback win over the Los Angeles Rams last week. Meanwhile, the Jaguars sit at 5-2 and are coming off of the bye week. This game would be the playoff matchup if they started this week with the Jaguars as the No. 4 seed and the Steelers would be the No. 5 seed.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire