Jack Haley’s ex-wife is selling her commemorative pendant earned from the 1996 champion Chicago Bulls

Kelly Dwyer

On April 21st, 1996, Chicago Bulls center/forward Jack Haley played in his lone game of the season against the then-Washington Bullets. In seven minutes of play Haley missed four of six shots, scoring five points overall, before going back to the bench in Chicago's final regular season game. A few days later, he was informed that he would not be included on Chicago's playoff roster. Two months later, the Bulls won the championship with Haley cheering from the sidelines. Four months after that, the Bulls were given championship rings, and the wives of the Chicago players were given commemorative pendants to celebrate a 72-10 season gone wonderfully right.

And 16 years after that? Haley's ex-wife Stacey is selling her personalized pendant, online. Via CNBC's Darren Rovell, here's the description of the piece of history (with pictures of it following the jump):

Designed with a rope chain, 17 inches long, suspending a detachable pendant set with black onyx topped with rendition NBA Championship trophies topped with four full-cut round diamonds and further surrounded by 104 full-cut round diamonds totaling 1.80cts. and graded H-I color and VS clarity. The reverse bearing stamp "CHICAGO BULLS WORLD CHAMPIONS 1996" and further inscribed "STACEY HALEY."

So, Bulls fans, you can have a pendant for a stiff price (the starting bid is at $2500, with estimates that could see the price doubling or tripling), but it will have to say "Stacey Haley" on the back. The wife of the guy that played seven minutes, all season. The guy that was only hired to act as Dennis Rodman's babysitter, of sorts, but by midseason even Rodman had distanced himself from his former San Antonio party partner.

It was quite the haul, though, for the former UCLA big man and sometimes actor (who appeared in Aerosmith's video for "Love in an Elevator," which I apologize for putting into your head for the rest of the morning), working those seven minutes into a season of a lifetime and championship ring. And though Haley's ex-wife may not have the same warm memories (remember, Haley was basically hired to follow Dennis Rodman out to bars to make sure he stayed out of trouble), you too can glom onto the coattails of the greatest team in NBA history, with a pendant that is sure to … well, you'll probably sell it yourself 16 years from now.

The trophies look nice, though. Look at 'em, they're so little!