J.R. Smith rode bikes with fans around New York after midnight

New York Knicks wing J.R. Smith is known as a real character, a super-talented player with absolutely no shooting conscience and a seeming inability to please his coaches with any consistency. He's also the kind of person who covers his body in tattoos and spends most of his off-time playing golf and watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns.

So, you know, please understand that Smith is the kind of person who does what he wants, even if it's a spur-of-the-moment decision. Late Wednesday night, he decided to invite his fans to ride bikes with him. From his Twitter account (via Poasting and Toasting):

How many people want to ride bikes with me at 2am instagraming pix?

Going to take piks all over manhattan see what kind of stuff goes on in #NY at night!

And take piks [sic] they did! Above, you can see the first, a shot of Smith in his home with a tiny little folding bike. After the jump, check out more of J.R. with his adoring fans. Sadly, his rumored paramour Rihanna did not show up.

There are more photos at the Poasting and Toasting link. With any luck, Smith and his new pals will make this a weekly occurrence like Critical Mass. They will change the world forever.