J.R. Smith plays a doting boyfriend for Sean Paul’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ (VIDEO)

NBA fans know New York Knicks gunner J.R. Smith as a supremely talented problem child with a taste for controversy. In addition to a recent lawsuit against his short-term Chinese team and the general day-to-day actions of someone who doesn't follow standard notions of basketball professionalism, Smith grabbed headlines last season when he tweeted a photo of his girlfriend's be-thonged butt (questionably safe for work). It was not in particularly good taste.

So, if a musician were looking for someone to play a doting boyfriend in his latest video, J.R. Smith would not seem like the best option. But don't tell that to Sean Paul, once a staple at all manner of parties and frat bro-downs with heat-themed hits like "We Be Burnin'" and "Temperature." For his latest video for the song "How Deep Is Your Love" (no question mark), the Jamaican sensation brought in Smith for the job. And he does a fine job, if you look past how goofy it is for J.R. Smith to be cast as the man of every lady's dreams.

I don't know how J.R. got the job, but chances are it had something to do with Kelly Rowland, who's featured on the track. As any self-respecting viewer of VH1's "La La's Full Court Life" knows, Rowland is good friends with La La Vazquez Anthony, wife of Smith's friend and longtime teammate Carmelo Anthony. Perhaps she thought that Sean Paul and J.R. Smith would be a perfect match. In retrospect, it was the only possible choice.

(via Reddit)

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