J.K. Simmons and son start anew in touching trailer for comedic drama 'The Bachelors' (exclusive)

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For his Oscar-winning turn as a as a sadistic drumming teacher in the 2014 hit Whiplash, J.K. Simmons famously terrorized Miles Teller. Now, Simmons is back on campus, albeit in a decidedly different, much (much, much) gentler role, in the new comedic drama The Bachelors (watch the exclusive trailer above).

Simmons plays an educator who, following the death of his wife, moves his teenage son (Josh Wiggins) cross-country when to accept a teaching position at a prestigious private school.

While the hope is a change of scenery will help them move past their grief, it’s actually a pair of women who have the most profound effect on the road-tripping men: a French teacher (Before trilogy star Julie Delpy) who catches Simmons’s eye, and widely crushed-on classmate (Odeya Rush) who befriends Wiggins.

Written and directed by Kurt Voelker (Sweet November, Rock Dog), The Bachelors premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June and opens in theaters Oct. 20.

Check out the exclusive poster:

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