J.J. Redick went to a Justin Bieber concert because ‘a happy wife is a happy life’

Before we dig in to J.J. Redick’s choices on a date night, it bears mentioning that we all do things we don’t want to for our partners. For instance, in my relationship I’ve had to … well, hmm. There’s not a lot that’s too embarrassing. My wife has pretty good tastes when it comes to entertainment, in spite of her weird attraction to me.

So maybe it is just fine to throw an eyebrow raise J.J. and Chelsea Redick’s way when they decided to spend an off-night from the Orlando Magic’s hectic schedule taking in a Justin Bieber concert. The Redicks, we should also note, are not the parents of teenaged children. From the Orlando Sentinel:

Redick spent a precious Orlando Magic off-night at the Bieber concert, but there were mitigating circumstances. Redick's wife, Chelsea, wanted to go.

“A happy wife is a happy life,” J.J. said after the Magic finished practice today.

“I have a general rule that if I have an off-day during the season that I owe it to her to do what she wants unless it’s harmful to my well-being. Her and her friends wanted to go.”

Redick has known Scott “Scooter” Braun, who is Bieber’s manager, for about eight years, and Braun provided Redick’s group with some nice seats.

Redick said he’s not a Bieber fan.

In fact, Redick prefers indie rock.

This is what you do. When your wife says she wants to see a concert in town, and you have some pull, you use it and make her happy. Even if, y’know … “Justin Bieber.”

Redick went on, as dutifully reported by the Sentinel's Josh Robbins, to speak kindly of the artist without thinking too much of his art:

"I do not have Bieber Fever," Redick said.

"But I will say that I respect talent. I always respect talent. I'm not a hater. So I'm not a Bieber hater or anything like that. He at one point played acoustic guitar, the drums, the piano. He sang melodies. He sang love songs. He sang pop songs. He sang a rap song at one point. He danced like he was a puppet. I mean, it was incredible. So I have nothing against his talent. It's just not my taste in music at all."

So what if Redick, who turns 29 later this year, was twice the age most of the attendees? So what if he hasn’t been able to turn his better half onto the music of [put an indie rock band’s name here, because I am very old and out of touch]? A happy wife is a happy life. And Redick, in spite of some professional turmoil, seems to be a happy guy.

And the Redicks, scorn aside for musical predilections, are quite the couple. Their charity does fine work for both local and international causes, in ways that have been noted several times over the last year.

So give the pair a break, and possibly donate to their causes. Maybe throw in an iTunes card, as well, with the designation that it only be allowed to download music from acts that recorded in Memphis between 1951 and 1973.

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