J.D. PicKell identifies depth, continuity as reason to buy ‘Horns

J.D. PicKell has no intention of overthinking his Texas prediction. Put simply, the depth and continuity is such that it should put the Longhorns firmly into the Big 12 title conversation. If everything falls right, the team’s ceiling could be even higher.

PicKell sees depth as a key component to this Longhorns squad that separates it from past teams on the Forty Acres. He shared the following of the team’s talented depth.

“The difference in this Texas team vs other Texas teams is the depth and the continuity.

They’re not just talented at one position group. They’re talented across the board and they’re deep across the board. … The depth there is very, very real. I had someone tell me this is one of the deepest teams they’ve had in the last decade.”

It is by far the deepest roster the Longhorns have had over the last decade. There haven’t been many deep Texas teams in recent years because the development was not there in the past two regimes.

This staff is different. It would seem head coach Steve Sarkisian and his coaching staff have wisely prioritized development over winning games over early in their time in Austin. And now that the development is such that the team can go out and win in 2023. PicKell discussed what Texas could look like in its third season.

“If you don’t have it together by Year Three, I don’t know what to tell you. I think at this point in time there’s some good faith baked in there with what they’ve done in terms of a positive trajectory from the last couple of years. So bottom line, Texas, back or not back I don’t know. But I promise you they are for real.”

There’s little reason to overthink Texas in 2023. The depth, continuity and collection of proven commodities should translate to more wins this season.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire