A.J. Brown calls to confront WIP show, clear up some ‘BS'

A.J. Brown calls to confront WIP show, clear up some ‘BS' originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Eagles star receiver A.J. Brown called into the WIP Afternoon Show on Friday afternoon to respond to some recent chatter and rumors about himself and his team.

If there were any questions about it, Brown emphatically stated that he’s happy being an Eagle.

“I have no problem,” Brown said. “I want to be here. It’s as simple as that. I love where I’m at. It’s as simple as that. Next question.”

Brown, 26, called the show on Friday afternoon to confront the radio station for perpetuating rumors — he called it ‘BS’ — about himself and his team. That led to a bit of a back-and-forth between Brown and former Eagle and longtime radio host Ike Reese, who explained that the radio station, to his knowledge, doesn’t create rumors but will discuss reports and hypotheticals.

Brown also declined to get into any specifics about his relationship with quarterback Jalen Hurts but said any rumors about a fracture are “total BS.”

One of the big themes throughout the 20+ minute interview was Brown’s feeling that he’s misunderstood. That has been a theme throughout his two Pro Bowl seasons in Philadelphia. It’s also something Brown brought up when he broke his media silence in early January.

“I just truly feel like I’m misunderstood as a player, as a person,” Brown said on Friday. “It gets frustrating because anything I say, anything I do, it gets magnified times 10. I get classified as a diva, I want the ball and this and that. Blah, blah, blah. When, honestly, it’s the other way around. You see me getting upset on the sideline and you automatically think it’s about targets. No, no. What if I’m holding my players accountable? What if I’m the guy that pushes everybody in the locker room, makes everybody uncomfortable to try to better themselves for the team? What if I’m that guy?

“You don’t see that much from Jalen because that’s not his personality. But I’m the person that you need on the team because I’m willing to hold people accountable, make people around me better but nobody sees that. All you see is the little flare-ups and stuff like that. And I can honestly say and you see the flare-ups because nobody in that building works harder, nobody in that building prepares harder than me. I can stand on that and stay that. That’s why you see the passion. That’s why you see me react the way I act. Because nobody is spending that time like me; I know that for a fact. So, I’m misunderstood. I’m not even trying to be understood by people because you’re not going to understand me because you’re not in my shoes.”

In his two seasons since being traded to Philadelphia, Brown has been fantastic. He has made two Pro Bowls and has caught 194 passes for 2,952 yards and 18 touchdowns. But Brown is an emotional player and his sideline flare-ups have garnered chatter.

Brown has expressed exasperation about being labeled as a diva. He often feels like when he shows emotion on the sideline, the first thing people wonder is if he’s demanding the football. Brown has said repeatedly that’s not the case.

When Reese suggested that fans do want to understand Brown better, Brown said he wasn’t sure. The comparisons to former Eagles receiver Terrell Owens really seem to bother him.

“I don’t think so. The stigma between what TO did here,” Brown said. “They’re always trying to pinpoint that. They really don’t. They just put me in this bubble with him and whatever he did in the past. And I know him, he’s a great person, I’m not trying to talk bad on him. But I’m my own person. I don’t move like that. I don’t do none of that stuff. You can ask any of my teammates. That’s the reason I’m on the show today. I’m the person who stands up to the bully. I’m the person and people don’t really understand that.

“When a play is needed, I’m the person saying, ‘Throw me the ball and get us back going. Get me the ball.’ I’m that person. But nobody sees that. I give my team energy. I give my team comfortability to tell them to keep pushing. ‘All right, we just had a bad play. So what? Move on. Let’s go.’ I’m the firm person in the group but nobody sees that. All you see is me getting upset or whatever the case may be. I’m human. I may not do it the best way every single time but that’s who I am, that’s who I’m forever going to be until I’m 6 feet under the ground. That’s who I am. I’m not ever going to change who I am. If you don’t like it, you just don’t like it. You might want to get in line with the rest of the people.

“I’m not just talking about you guys. I’m talking about the media and whoever else. I’m my own person and I’m not afraid to speak up. I think that scares a lot of people. Like today, I have the balls to get on your show today. I know my worth and I know what I bring to the table.”

In the wake of the Eagles’ disastrous finish to the 2023 season, there have been a ton of questions about what happened to lead to the collapse. The Eagles had a 10-1 record to start the season but lost five of their last six in the regular season and were quickly bounced from the playoffs. It was a disappointing end to a season with so many high expectations.

Brown on Friday said that the Eagles gave the answer for the collapse but it wasn’t accepted.

“I honestly feel like we gave you the answer and people just didn’t want to accept the answer and that’s all right too,” said Brown, who reiterated that a lack of execution led to the downfall. “But you can speculate, you can do whatever. It just doesn’t make sense and it’s just not the way to go. The only reason I’m really coming on is I’m really taking up for my teammates because half of the rumors, it really be crazy. That’s why I’m here.”

When asked again why things went south, here’s what Brown had to say:

“Yeah, the locker room is fine,” Brown said. “Like I said earlier in the season or after the season, the players just weren’t executing. Like I said in the interview. That’s what it came down to. I think the media kind of ran with ‘It’s the culture. It’s the culture’s fault. The culture didn’t prepare us’ and this and that. I never blamed the coaches. I’m not the person to blame the coaches. I’m not trying to blame anyone. I’m the guy who’s going to look in the mirror and go challenge everybody else. It was the players not executing and that’s what was happening.”

The other big bit of news from the interview? Brown’s handle on X is now back in his possession after he said he did lose it briefly.

Maybe he should do his best to avoid social media; but if you see posts on that account, it is him.

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