J Balvin Has Been Trash, He Isn’t Sorry About Being Anti-Black Women, He’s Sorry About Being Called Out

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2021 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina - Show
2021 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina - Show

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J Balvin, the white Colombian rapper, has apologized for being anti-Black women and using Black women’s bodies and talents as commodities. His antics of walking two Black women on leashes in his now-removed video for “Perra” aren’t the first time he’s displayed hatred for Black women. The gag is– he’s always “sorry.”

In March 2018, Balvin was a guest on Portuguese vlogger SirKazzio’s YouTube show, and the “Poblado” singer participated in the game “F**k, Marry, Kill.”

The 36-year-old pendejo proceeded to take his anti-Black rhetoric straight from the slave master’s handbook, saying that entertainment mogul Rihanna was not “a good woman to marry, just fool around.”

In the video, Balvin’s apparent disdain for Rihanna’s fine ass couldn’t be hidden. He also alluded that the “Disturbia” crooner was tainted after her relationship with rapper/singer Drake.

Social media users on Twitter came to the “Umbrella” singer’s defense.



Balvin realized that he didn’t want smoke from Riri’s Navy, so he issued the obligatory apology with the disclaimer that his words were misconstrued.

“J Balvin has the utmost respect for Rihanna, which he has stated multiple times in interviews – repeatedly naming her as one of the artists he would most like to work with one day,” Fader reported.

“In this particular case, which is being taken out of context by some, a Brazilian video Blog interview requested he answer two rounds of Kiss, Marry, Kill. J Balvin lightheartedly choose his two recent ‘Machika’ collaborators Anitta and Jeon, as his ‘Marry’ responses because he knows each of them well – leaving only the ‘kiss’ or ‘kill responses remaining. He would no more wish to show any type of disrespect to Rihanna, as he would wish harm on the other names presented.”

Balvin could have simply played the game without the added commentary, but nawl- the artist had to elaborate on Rihanna’s value as a Black woman. She’s gorgeous, rich, talented and business-savvy, and – if I’m honest– is badder and doper than both women he put on a pedestal–put together.

Balvin also caught heat for serving us “all lives matter” tea in 2020– as if in his native Colombia, Black folks, especially Black Colombian women, aren’t catching hell from racist whites in his patria.

In response to the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, Balvin decided to go full king of the alabasters to create #LatinoLivesMatter and #EveryLivesMatter.

Who said they didn’t, though?

Anyway, the internet ate his ass up, and he thought he would smooth things over by posting a video of himself dancing salsa with a Black woman wearing braids. As if n****s need to do more dancing when we’re dying in these streets.



The receipts don’t lie, J.

As anti-Black women as Balvin is, he’s no dummy. He understands that even though he doesn’t rock with us, we are a hot commodity. In that same year, the “In da Getto” artist tapped Queen Bey for his hit single “Mi Gente.”

On working with Bey, Balvin said, “I think it was a really beautiful cultural move. People see me with the queen, like, if she’s working with him, it’s because he’s for real. She’s not the type of girl that works with everybody. All the other collaborations are helping me a lot to keep spreading the vibe that I want.”

Exactly- people see HIM with the queen and not the other way around.

The Colombia-native isn’t confused or sorry about his continued anti-Blackness and racist vitriol toward Black women. He’s sorry that he no longer has free rein to do it. Balvin might have the comforts of white privilege, but he isn’t dumb enough to mess up his bag even with that.