It’s official: The AP Style guide spells it ‘esports’, not ‘eSports’, ‘e-sports’, or ‘Esports’


Correct spelling has won a great victory today.

The 2017 AP Style Guide will include the word “esports,” according to an announcement made today at the 2017 American Copy Editors Society convention.

For years, the AP stylized the word as “eSports,” a blatantly incorrect, ridiculous-looking version of the word. Elsewhere, it’s been spelled with a hyphen (e-sports), like your grandpa trying to spell “email.” There has been “Esports,” a noun so proper that it might as well be wearing white gloves and a top hat.

For the record, Yahoo Esports (it’s capitalized in our name because names are capitalized, duh) has been rooting for “esports” since the launch of our website. It feels pretty great being on the right side of history.

Taylor Cocke is proud to be writing about esports. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.