Italian DJ files criminal complaint after Conor McGregor allegedly punched him in the face

UFC star Conor McGregor has found himself in more legal trouble.

Francesco Facchinetti, a popular Italian DJ and television presenter, filed an official criminal claim with Italian law enforcement after he said that McGregor punched him at a party earlier this month in Rome, according to ESPN.

Facchinetti said on social media that he and his wife were out partying with McGregor on Oct. 16. Several hours into the night, Facchinetti said McGregor punched him in the nose and broke it.

He filed the official complaint with Italian law enforcement in his home city of Milan days later.

“It’s something about ethics, and Conor is f***ing dangerous,” he told ESPN on Thursday. “This is a problem.”

McGregor allegedly punched DJ at party

Facchinetti said he and his wife were “having fun” with McGregor for several hours in Rome earlier this month when McGregor then invited them to a different party. When Facchinetti accepted that invite, he said, McGregor punched him in the nose and broke it.

“The very famous McGregor, who punched me in the mouth, broke my nose in front of 10 witnesses, his friends and his bodyguards,” he said in an Instagram video in Italian. “He attacked me without motivation as we talked for more than two hours and we also had fun together. I could have shut up and not say anything to anyone, but since I’m here to tell it, I must say that that person is really violent and dangerous.”

Facchinetti’s wife, Wilma, said on her social media that he “flew back, fell on the table and then on the ground” when McGregor hit him, and that it came out of nowhere.

“I turned around and saw that his friends were holding him against the wall because he wanted to continue beating Francesco,” she said. “Then they took him away. I turned on the light and the guards turned them off. Francesco was bleeding. I wanted to help him and the guards chased us away.”

Facchinetti called police after returning to their hotel room and later went to a hospital, where he was told he had a neck injury.

McGregor was in Rome at the time for his son’s christening at the Vatican and, according to ESPN, to pick up a Lamborghini boat.

Facchinetti said he may still file a lawsuit against McGregor, but that this isn’t about money.

“I don’t care about money,” Facchinetti said, via ESPN. “I’m rich. I have everything. I have a wife, I have four babies. I have my life. If Conor McGregor wants to give me $10 million, [I don’t] care … He can do better than this. He can be better than this.

“What happens, he punches a guy tomorrow and the guy dies? What happens? What happens to MMA?”

McGregor has had a string of legal issues in recent years, most recently when he got into an altercation with musician Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. He also pleaded guilty to punching a man in a Dublin bar in 2019, and threw a dolly at a bus in New York the week of a fight in 2018 — which broke a window and injured another fighter. He has also had numerous other rape and assault allegations throughout his career.

UFC president Dana White was asked about McGregor's latest incident in Rome earlier this month, but declined to get into it.

"I honestly don't even know enough about it to comment on it," White said, via ESPN. "I haven't talked to Conor, so I don't know what the truth is. I don't know exactly what happened. So to comment on it, I really can't."