Isiah Thomas approves this message

League-wide word tells us that Isiah Thomas might be the source of just about every Carmelo Anthony(notes) trade rumor you'll read today. He's clearly running the New York Knicks, as Adrian Wojnarowski pointed out Sunday, and the upcoming Worldwide Wes/Allan Houston(notes) vs. Isiah Thomas/James Dolan tug of war will undoubtedly keep us entertained for the next five years.

But while he's trying to broker every terrible trade this league has to offer, there is one thing Isiah may have forgotten. He coaches a college basketball team, down in Florida. Remember that? Florida International University. Shoes, jerseys, rims and everything.

And as the NBA attempts to swallow itself whole, with the Knicks leading things as they tend to do every February since 2001, it bears mentioning that Zeke might have to take the Bluetooth out long enough to actually coach a game.

Because Western Kentucky awaits:

While Western Kentucky awaits, Ball Don't Lie will wait. We're gearing up for the typical 47,000 trade anticipation/reaction posts that tend to pop up during trade deadline week, and on a night with no pro hoops to pour over, we're going to step back. Enjoy the Monday. Maybe read a book. Maybe finish a book. Find out what color our wife's hair is now. Eat dinner while sitting down. Answer emails from November. Shave. And then shave the rest after the wife complains about you "looking like the guy from Sparks."

So enjoy your holiday, NBA. It's a strange, and curiously productive Monday. No joke, but I've scheduled moving days on this day twice in the last 10 years. That's how special today is.

And when we awake? More trades, stretch runs, playoff seeding, buyout fun, and hoops, hoops, hoops.

Lucky us. I kind of wish there were games on Monday night. Isiah, is there anything you can do about that?

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