Isaiah Wynn gets testy when asked about Patriots trade rumors

Isaiah Wynn has terse response to questions about Patriots future originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

There's been plenty of speculation about the New England Patriots dealing Isaiah Wynn ahead of Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

But Wynn doesn't want to talk about it.

The 26-year-old offensive lineman apparently made that clear Thursday in an exchange with ESPN's Mike Reiss. When Reiss asked how Wynn handles hearing his name in trade rumors, Wynn responded "curtly."

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"I’m playing and doing what I have to do," Wynn told Reiss.

Reiss then asked if Wynn wants to be with the Patriots, to which Wynn replied, "I'm here, right?"

According to Reiss, Wynn then ended their interview "abruptly" while suggesting Reiss' questions "were an attempt to 'indict' him."

It's possible Wynn just wasn't in the mood to deal with trade questions Thursday. But it's hard to ignore the broader context, which is that the 2018 first-round pick has had a tumultuous fifth season in New England.

Wynn has been inconsistent at best and a liability at worst since switching from left tackle to right tackle this season and posted a shockingly bad pass-blocking grade of 5 out of 100 (per Pro Football Focus) against the Cleveland Browns in Week 6. He was inactive for last Monday's game against the Chicago Bears, with Marcus Cannon getting the start in his place.

While Wynn is active for Sunday's game against the New York Jets, it's possible this could be his final game in a Patriots uniform if New England finds a willing trade partner for the fifth-year lineman.

If Wynn is still on the Patriots past Tuesday, it's worth wondering what his mindset will be as he plays out the final year of his contract before hitting 2023 free agency.