Isaiah Thomas loves pizza, challenges your love of pizza (VIDEO)

As an NBA fan, there's nothing I love more than sitting down to watch a game with a delicious meal. Often, that meal ends up being pizza, perhaps the greatest food ever devised by human beings. Its history, from its humble beginnings in the neolithic age up through its more gourmet forms in this era, speaks to a foodstuff capable of growing with the times and adjusting to the particular needs of specific artists and gourmands. It's easy for someone who appreciates the NBA to acknowledge such an impressive capacity for versatility.

Isaiah Thomas, second-year point guard for the Sacramento Kings, is a man of taste, and so he recently appeared in a TV advertisement for the Northern California chain Pizza Guys. In the spot, Thomas discusses his own love of pizza — as, naturally, a "Pizza Guy" — and challenges the viewers at home to proclaim the same level of passion. It is hard to disagree with him, because pizza is the best.

I have never had Pizza Guys, but given that it is virtually impossible to make bad pizza, I would like to congratulate Thomas on aligning himself with such a fine product. He understands how random players become media superstars.

(Video via TBJ and Ananth Pandian)