Is Isaac Rochell Retiring From The NFL? Wife Allison Kuch Has An Answer!

Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell
TikTok | Allison Kuch

Is he staying or is he going?

NFL fans might be wondering what's going on with Isaac Rochell as he remains unsigned with the season quickly approaching. But wonder no more! Rochell's wife, popular TikTok content creator Allison Kuch, shares some insight.

Is Isaac Rochell Getting Ready To Announce His Retirement From The NFL?

Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell
TikTok | Allison Kuch

With NFL season right around the corner, many football fans might be wondering where Rochell will be playing next, or if he's going to decide now is the time to hang up his jersey for good.

"My husband has played in the NFL for seven years, and if he played again this year, that would make it year eight," Kuch said in a recently shared TikTok video. "But is he retiring? Like, he's currently not on a team."

Kuch explained that there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that many people don't realize because they don't put it out to the public.

"If my husband retired right now, that would be seven years of him playing in the NFL. And the average time of players in the NFL is two-and-a-half years," she explained. "So is it happening? Is my husband retiring from the NFL? Because it does make sense, right? You have a baby, you wanna settle down, focus on your family. Only thing Isaac's focused on right now is him putting his daughter in a 98 jersey."

She then said that Rochell "will be pursuing another year in the NFL" and that she doesn't think "he's ready to be done yet."

'What Team And When We'll Know': Allison Kuch And Isaac Rochell Have 'No Clue'

Kuch also explained that they won't know what team he will be on or even when they'll know that information until it happens.

"Last year, he got a call 12 hours before NFL camp started," she said.

She also shared that when the day does come that Rochell is ready to retire from the league, she will be "sad" because of all the great memories they've made around football.

Many of her followers dropped into the comment section to share what team they would like to see Rochell on this upcoming season, with many sharing the same one!

"Imagine Allison Kuch and Taylor Swift in a box together. You’d be unstoppable. And the PR would counteract your kicker's lovely views," one person wrote. Another added, "We need him to counteract Butker!"

And others would like to see him go to the Detroit Lions.

"@Detroit Lions LISTEN. We need him. We need them. Bring her home, already," one person wrote. One other agreed with that thought and shared, "@Detroit Lions it’s time to give the fans what they want."

Isaac Rochell Recently Shared He's In His 'Homemaker Era'

Isaac Rochell
TikTok | Isaac Rochell

While Rochell is waiting to hear what team he will be going to this season, he's living his best life in his "homemaker era."

Clapping back at Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker after his controversial commencement speech, Rochell shared a day in his life on TikTok.

"Here's my morning in the life as an NFL stay-at-home homemaker. Me and Ali switched roles for the day," he said before Kuch jumped in to remind him, "We don't have roles. We're equal partners."

Then Kuch left the house for her pilates class and Rochell shared some highlights from his day with their daughter Scottie Bee.

"Yes, I do play in the NFL and yes, I'm playing next year," he continued. "But as of now, I'm a straight-up stay-at-home husband."

His video was a hit with tons of viewers who left comments about his "homemaker era" and his subtle clapback geared toward Butker.

"The Chief’s kicker needs to take notes from Allison Kuch’s husband," one follower wrote. Another added, "In a world full of Harrison’s, be an Isaac."

Isaac Rochell Talked About 'One Of The Most Controversial Topics In The NFL'

In another recently shared TikTok video, Rochell gave some insight into the health insurance situation in the NFL after a follower asked if NFL players who are not on a team still have insurance.

"This is one of the most controversial topics in the NFL right now, because they only give five years of coverage," Rochell said. "And with all the issues like CTE and the head trauma, a lot of things you're gonna deal with could be way further down the road than within five years."

He said it's also a good question considering they just had their daughter a few months ago.

"Once you get three credited seasons in the NFL, which is three years of three or more games, you opt into having five years of health insurance from the day that you stop playing," he continued. "I do another year next year, my five years won't start till after that year."

Rochell said that a lot of players don't feel this is enough and it was a big issue when they negotiated their collective bargaining agreement. Many players feel they should have lifetime healthcare, but ended up getting just five years.

Allison Kuch And Isaac Rochell Welcomed Their First Child In December


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A post shared by ALLISON KUCH (@allisonkuch)

The couple's first child, daughter Scottie Bee, was born on December 9, 2023, but they didn't reveal she arrived until a few weeks later. After announcing her baby's arrival, Kuch shared her birth story and other information on both Instagram and TikTok.

"This is a positive C-section experience. Recovery however is a different story for a different day," she said in her first birth story TikTok video. "I was extremely against having a C-section, to the point where I was 39 weeks pregnant, she was still head up and I was in denial that she was gonna be coming out of my belly button."

She shared that while they tried everything to get the baby to flip so she wouldn't need to have a C-section, nothing worked. And the fact that the baby was 10 pounds made that all make more sense for her.

Kuch shared more of her birth story in a second video and has since shared more information about being a new mom and what postpartum has been like for her.