Introducing the Gastonia Gastronauts? Team seeks input on the 1st of 8 new possible names

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The Gastonia Baseball Club is set to embark on an otherworldly adventure as they take the field under one of eight temporary team names.

Introducing the Gastonia Gastronauts. This move is part of an innovative initiative by team management to engage the community and explore new horizons in baseball.

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A Stellar Concept

The Gastronauts represent the first of eight “what if” nights planned for the 2024 season. These themed evenings will transport fans beyond the usual game, inviting them to envision alternate realities. The Gastronauts promise a cosmic journey on the baseball diamond.

Community Involvement

The Gastronauts are not just a possible new team name – they’re a community-driven experiment. The team’s management wants fans to actively participate in shaping their identity. As the “community’s team,” they’re turning to the fans for help in choosing the permanent team name for next season. It’s an opportunity for residents to leave their mark on baseball history.

“This is the community’s team and we want you to help pick our team name for next season!” the Gastonia Baseball Club shared Monday on social media.

Whether it’s a nod to local history, a cosmic reference, or a playful twist, the possibilities are as vast as the universe! The first “what if” night runs May 14 – May 19.

The second “what if” night runs June 4 – June 9. That possible name has yet to be announced.

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