Introducing the 2023 Fantasy All-Boring Team | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski hop on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Show to share Scott’s 2023 edition of the Fantasy All-Boring team, full of guys who may not be the flashiest names, but will score plenty of points for your roster.

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Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Scott, run through the all boring team here. You've got quarterbacks. You've got running backs. You've got a couple of wide receivers and a tight end. And I'm going to pick my favorite of the all boring team here.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Geno Smith, I almost put Daniel Jones in here. But Jones doesn't fit the motif the other guys do, where they're all veterans, and they all have a star receiver who can drive them.

Garrett Wilson's going to the moon. Justin Jefferson's going first overall. And mostly, Geno Smith has maybe three dynamic receivers, at least two. So I'm happy to draft any of those. And it's a case of, if you don't attack quarterback early, maybe you take two of these guys, mix and match the matchups. I would love if I could ever get two of these in the superflex. I'd be over the moon.

Running back's a boring position in fantasy now. Nick Chubb is a first round pick who sometimes slides to the second around. The good backups behind him are gone. He's going to lead the NFL in rushing. If you can get him in the second round, auto-pick.

Joe Mixon's still on Cincinnati. He'll get all the touches basically to himself. David Montgomery, look, gives first round pick. But they're going to use him probably the way they used Swift last year. Montgomery's going to be the hammer from in close, top five offensive line and offensive coordinator that we like. David Montgomery is going to outkick his ADP easily.

Cam Akers was a top five back in the final quarter of last season for the Rams. Again, no competition here. I know this isn't a great team. And we want running backs tied to the positive game script. But I think Cam Akers just has all the touches he can handle.

I did mention JSN makes me nervous, but you're drafting Tyler Lockett at his floor. He's been wide receiver 11 to 15 five straight seasons. Tight ends don't catch it here. The running backs may not catch it a lot. I don't think Geno Smith is going to turn into a pumpkin. I'm perfectly fine to draft him. So Tyler Lockett, I got you taking him at his floor. His upside is he'll be wide receiver 15 again. I think that's totally in play.

You know Matt and I don't agree on Jerry Jeudy. We've talked about him in the past, didn't grade well in perception. I did like that Jeudy was productive late last season when Russell Wilson couldn't do anything right. I still think Jerry Jeudy is the one receiver on this team I could draft.

A couple of the dominoes have fallen, right? A couple other receivers have gotten hurt. Jeudy's going to have, I think, 140 targets.

We talked about Pat Freiermuth in my cheat code of Pittsburgh Steelers offense passing game. Third year tight end, he scored touchdowns two years ago. Last year, they didn't. Give Kenny Pickett a pass, he actually played pretty well at the end of the season.

And Pat Freiermuth, I know, gets the seal of approval from Matt Harmon. He's one of your tight end targets. I present to you, dear listeners, in speed round form, my all boring team for 2023.

MATT HARMON: I love those quarterbacks, especially Kirk Cousins and Geno Smith. I can't figure out Cam Akers, bro. He's perfect for the all boring team because it's never like, oh, yeah, I'm drafting Cam Akers, great. But there's a chance he's just the lead back of this offense. And again, if Matthew Stafford is healthy, if Cooper Kupp is healthy, this offense is going to be better than we think.