Internet skewers woman's cooking hack

TikTok loves a good hack, but there is a line of diminishing returns where, once you pass it, TikTok turns against you. That’s basically what happened to Emily Harper. She innocently thought she was teaching her 17,000 followers how to cook ground beef in a healthy way. “Let me show you what I learned in nutrition [class] a couple years ago,” Harper captioned her video. The TikTok shows Harper cooking ground beef, then pointing out all of the grease emerging from the meat. Grossed out, she takes out a colander and drains the meat before rinsing it off with tap water and putting it back in the pan. The video accumulated more than 5 million views and plenty of angry comments. “those are the juices from the meat being pushed out because of the heat (and it’s mostly water),” one Twitter user pointed out. “I’m a vegetarian and I’m still bothered by how she ruined that meat,” another joked. One of the biggest complaints Harper received was over her decision to pour grease down the drain. “Yes I seasoned it off video,” she added in another TikTok. “I know not to pour grease down the drain! It rarely happens. My sink is not clogged”