Internet roasts Disney's animatronic Donald Trump figure

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Donald Trump not only lives in the White House; he now lives at Disney World too — a robotic version of him at least.

After a yearlong closure for renovations, Walt Disney World in Orlando reopened the Hall of Presidents exhibit at the Magic Kingdom. In addition to updated lighting, sound, and content, the park also added the current sitting president, Donald J. Trump.

Yes, the robot Trump moves and even talks. Trump himself recorded his speaking lines for the exhibit, as has every president since Bill Clinton in the 1990s. But the internet couldn’t get over how the new animatronic figure looked. Let’s just say the resemblance was not uncanny.

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There are also some wild theories about why Trump’s robot looks odd, to say the least. It was rumored last year that Disney was so sure Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would win the election that it had already discussed how to dress her for the exhibit. Now Twitter is running with this conspiracy:

There is, however, one believable theory about the Trumpbot. Many Twitter users pointed out the robot’s resemblance to actor Jon Voight.

Donald Trump, by the way, has not responded to the Hall of Presidents disaster.

In less creepy internet news: NBC’s The Office is in the works for a television comeback. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the network is “looking” to revive the popular comedy that ended in 2013 after nine seasons. Fans initially loved the idea.

Unlike the successful reboot of Will and Grace, however, NBC will not be rebooting the show with the original cast. Some fans had major problems with recasting the show — especially Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott.

If the rumors are true, The Office will return to the small screen for the 2018-2019 season.

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