How the internet helped to raise over $30,000 for boy with leukemia

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Tony Wood didn’t know what to expect when he received a text from an unfamiliar number sending pictures of a formal dress and looking for approval. But after providing a witty response to student Sydney Uselton, which included a photo of five adorable children giving a thumbs-up, the transaction was deemed Twitter-worthy by Uselton’s friend, and ultimately went viral. Instead, a family friend of the Wood’s tracked down the post, bringing it to their attention. The father of six then responded via his real estate group’s account, offering some more information about himself and his incredible family. Noting that the thread had now made his children “Twitter famous,” Wood elaborated on the members of the family that weren’t pictured in the photo. One being his wife, Rachel, who humorously added her own approval of the dress, while the other was their 6-year-old son, Kaizler, who was going through chemotherapy during the photo op.

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