'International break can be a lonely place'

BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown banner
BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown banner

It's a strange situation the international break.

The injured players who weren't available to be called up have got no one to bounce off, it's a lonely place. When you're injured it's a lonely place anyway, but in the season you can catch players in the changing room or in the gym, but it's even worse when no one else is around. There's no one to bounce off, you realise you're injured, you realise you can't contribute and it's just a strange place.

For players who are fit but left behind, when it's only half a session and you can't get all the numbers in, you're just waiting for players to return. For teams like Liverpool and Manchester City where nearly all the team is gone there will be a week off in the building before players start coming back in dribs-and-drabs in the the few days before to build-up to the weekend games, so it's strange.

What's difficult is when you have a team like a Nottingham Forest who signed a load of new players on deadline day and then they're off and away, you can't have the two weeks you want to build up and capitalise on it. So while you want them to have international experience, you also want them around to work with them and improve.

For some players who aren't on international duty or injured, you're just looking forward to having three or four days off to go and get some sunshine, so there's many ways to go and do an international break.

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport's Nicola Pearson