Interest in Jonathan Taylor is lower than most would have expected

When the Colts first gave running back Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade, the message seemed to be that the Colts wanted to give Taylor a chance to realize that no one else would give him the contract he wants.

So far, that seems to be the case. On Wednesday, Stephen Holder of reported that six teams have called the Colts about Taylor, and that two have made offers.

Think about that one for a moment, if you will. There are 31 other teams in the league. And only six of them — less than 20 percent — even picked up the phone and called?

Teams call other teams all the time, about any and all possibilities for trades. But with one of the best running backs in football available, only six teams even called the Colts? And only two actually made offers?

My first reaction to the reported deadline of Tuesday was that the Colts plan to take the best offer they get by then. After talking it through with Chris Simms on PFT Live this morning, it occurred to me that maybe the deadline comes from the fact that interest has been spotty — and that at some point the experiment needs to end.

Again, someone has to give the Colts what they want. Someone has to give Taylor what he wants (unless he's willing to accept a trade without a new deal in place). And someone has to then justify the move by making Taylor the centerpiece of the office, or something close to it.

Maybe it's just not happening.

Thirty-one teams. And only six called? And only two made offers?

It doesn't bode well for the team and the player getting what they want.