Instant Rewind: Indiana 27, Charleston Southern 0

Jordan Wells, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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Indiana jumped out to a 24-0 halftime lead and easily cruised to a 27-0 victory over Charleston Southern on Saturday.

Scroll down for a quick chronological recap of the game.


Jordan Wells/

3:40 p.m. ET: Kickoff is incoming. A large number of Hoosiers not in uniform today, including several usual starters.

15:00 1Q: Charleston Southern will receive to start this one. Pretty light crowd today.

14:09 1Q: And the Hoosiers force a three-and-out. Charleston Southern picked up a five-yard run on the first play, then threw an incomplete pass and lost a yard on a third down run.

13:04 1Q: Two pass plays, two Ramsey-to-Cobbs completions, including one for a first down.

12:27 1Q: After taking a sack, Ramsey connects with Cobbs again for a big play. Hoosiers have a first-and-goal.

11:44 1Q: Ramsey found Cobbs in the endzone for a touchdown on a third-and-8, but offensive pass interference is called on Cobbs.

Now the Hoosiers have a third-and-23.

10:56 1Q: Oakes hits a 30-yard field goal to hand the Hoosiers a 3-0 lead.

Pretty painless drive for IU until that touchdown was called back.

10:10 1Q: Another three-and-out for Charleston Southern. The Hoosiers nearly picked off two passes.

Hoosiers will start with the ball at their own 35-yard line.

This one - unsurprisingly - could get out of hand quickly.

6:32 1Q: IU had a chance at a first-and-goal, but Cobbs fumbled away the reception and Charleston Southern recovered.

Good shot to be up two scores, instead the Buccaneers will start another drive.

5:00 1Q: Charleston Southern goes three-and-out again, have picked up nine total yards in three drives and no first downs.

Hoosiers get the ball at the IU 32-yard line.

3:26 1Q: 12-yard strike from Ramsey to Taysir Mack results in a touchdown.

Hoosiers have outgained Charleston Southern 139 yards to nine, now lead 10-0.

0:00 1Q: The first quarter ends with the Buccaneers making their first real progress on offense.

A seven-play, 44-yard drive thus far. Charleston Southern has marched down to the Indiana 31.

13:47 2Q: The Buccaneers went for it on a fourth-and-1 at the Indiana 30-yard line and were dropped for a one-yard loss.

Hoosiers ball, but then IU goes three-and-out.

9:39 2Q: Teams have alternated possessions. IU is driving again.

8:00 2Q: Devonte Williams fumbled the ball into the endzone, but Ramsey recovered for a touchdown.

Hoosiers lead 17-0.

0:34 2Q: A string of uneventful series' ends as Ramsey finds Taysir Mack for a 45-yard touchdown pass. Mack turned a short sideline catch into the score after his defender missed the tackle.

Hoosiers lead 24-0 and it seems likely that will be the halftime score.

Halftime: Indiana 24, Charleston Southern 0.

Yep, about what we expected. Hoosiers lead total yardarge 334-85 and first downs 16-4.

Limited updates to come from the second half, barring any major updates like an injury. Only so much to learn from this game.

13:51 3Q: CSU cornerbacks have jumped a couple of Ramsey's passes today, and it finally bites him as they pick one off after a tipped ball.

Buccaneers have the ball at the Indiana 27.

12:09 3Q: CSU can't take advantage of the field position and punt on a 4th-and-21.

7:04 3Q: IU thought it had a touchdown when Simmie Cobbs made a nice one-handed grab in the endzone, but it was ruled incomplete.

Instead, they settle for a 21-yard field goal.

Hoosiers lead 27-0.

End 3Q: IU still leads 27-0.

It's been absolutely pouring rain in the stadium for the last few minutes. Only a couple hundred fans still sticking around.

8:50 4Q: Just checking in to note Charleston Southern still hasn't completed a pass today.

IU has allowed 0 completions six times in school history. Last time was against Minnesota in Oct. 1985.

FINAL: Indiana 27, Charleston Southern 0.


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