Inside Texas discusses if they’d rather have top WR or DL class

What position is most important for Texas to add is an interesting topic to discuss. The Texas Longhorns have some needs at various positions for 2025, but they can address them with elite players in best case scenarios.

Inside Texas discussed whether or not Texas would benefit more from a best case scenario class at defensive line or wide receiver. Justin Wells would choose a best-case defensive line class.

“Give me the big boys. You want to benefit Texas in the 2025 cycle? I mean, those three (or four) wide receivers will be tremendous. You need big boys. You’re headed to the SEC. That defensive line, that cupboard needs to be filled.”

Wells lists Brandon Brown, Zion Williamson, Kevin Wynn and Josiah Sharma as players he would welcome Texas signing.

Eric Nahlin echoed the sentiment because of what you can add at wide receiver in the portal.

“Yeah, you can win a national championship with portal wide receivers. It’s gonna be very difficult to win a national championship with portal defensive tackles. … It’s a scarcity thing.”

Nahlin shares that Texas can still succeed at wide receiver. You don’t have to choose one of the other, unless it were to come down to NIL funding which isn’t a concern for the Longhorns. But if given the option, he would choose defensive line additions.

Texas has a stronger recruiting pitch for wide receivers, and figures to be a contender to land more than one five-star pass catcher. Still, it has a chance to add a good defensive line class as well for 2025.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire