Inside Rajon Rondo’s GQ internship (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie
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Last week, we hipped you to Rajon Rondo's latest offseason distraction: a brief internship at GQ during Fashion Week in New York. At the time of that post, we had little sense of what Rondo was actually doing for the magazine beyond a few photos. We could only assume that he was trying to turn this amazing jacket into a trend.

On Friday, GQ released a video of Rondo's activities at the publication, available for your viewing pleasure above (via TBJ). And while some of the scenes are likely staged — unless Rondo really did deliver the mail with behind-the-back passes — it appears that he did perfectly normal intern things like making copies (via Rob Schneider) and picking out shoes for photoshoots.

It also looks like he didn't smile once, which is also pretty standard procedure for an internship. I'm sure his boss him took him out to a nice lunch at the end, though.

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