Inside Inter Miami: The Messi Experience opens, team wins again, yerba mate, and more

Messi is being Messi.

And Inter Miami continues to benefit.

As the team looks to pick up as many valuable points as possible to pad its first-place lead in Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference, Messi has picked up where he left off following injury and stands at or near the top of the league in multiple offensive categories with seven goals and six assists in only six games.

In this week’s episode of Inside Inter Miami, hosts Michelle Kaufman and Andre Fernandez discuss the team’s next opportunity to stay hot playing Saturday in front of an expected crowd of 64,000 in Foxboro, Mass. against the struggling New England Revolution.

But will Messi and Luis Suarez be hesitant to play on the field turf of Gillette Stadium?

Kaufman and Fernandez look at who would have to step up in their place, who is returning for New England and how long will injured key players, Diego Gomez and Jordi Alba likely be out.

We also look at The Messi Experience, an immersive multimedia exhibit on display starting Thursday in Coconut Grove that showcases Messi’s life and career.

And we talk about yerba mate, the drink that fuels Messi and several of the players on Inter Miami’s squad. We discuss what it’s made of, how it’s made, it’s deep-rooted history in Argentine and Uruguyan culture and its benefits as well as the way it bonds the players as Kaufman wrote in this recent article.

So will Andre and Michelle try it at some point on the show? Stay tuned.

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