Inside the new Chris Jones deal

Defensive tackle Chris Jones and the Chiefs have a new one-year deal. We have the details of the deal.

Here they are, per a source with knowledge of the terms.

First, he'll have his same base salary of $19.5 million, minus the lost game check for Week 1 (i.e., $1.08 million). He has an incentive package that pushes the maximum total value of $25.16667 million.

He gets $1 million for participating in 35 percent of the defensive snaps. He gets another $1 million for participating in 50 percent of the snaps.

He had an existing $1.25 million incentive for reaching 10 sacks. That now increases to $1.75 million if he has 15 sacks.

Also, he gets $1 million is he's named a first-team All-Pro and if the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl. He gets another $2 million if he's named defensive player of the year and the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

The $2.1 million in training camp fines were not waivable; he needs to make that back through his incentives — along with the lost game check. Thus, if he hits every incentive, he'll end up with a net of $22.16667 million.