Innovative Play of the Weekend - Week 4 | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde hop on the College Football Enquirer to discuss the most innovative play they saw from Week 2 of College Football. This week’s play comes from Oregon’s huge win over Colorado. This innovative play breakdown is brought to you in partnership with Invesco QQQ.

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Video Transcript

DAN WETZEL: Our most innovative play of the weekend, courtesy of Invesco QQQ. Pat, which team was leading the way this Saturday?

PAT FORDE: I'm going to go with Oregon. The Ducks there, in addition to just mauling the heck out of Colorado straight up, they threw a little trickeration at the Buffaloes. They're up 13-0 fairly early on, backed up deep in their own territory. And Dan Lanning dials up a fake punt, but not just a garden variety fake punt, but a snap to the upback, who happens to be a 300-pound defensive lineman, Casey Rogers, who then bolts 20 yards over the left tackle, wide open, caught Colorado completely unaware, first down, kept the route going there.

And I love the quote from Casey Rogers, who has all the hair you would want in a defensive lineman, right? I mean, he's just got-- down to shoulders and beyond, big, curly mane. And he said, I was at the Pre Classic a couple of weeks ago. That's the big track meet in at Oregon. Steve Prefontaine was the great runner from Oregon there. He said, I was at the Pre Classic and I got some tips on how to run. Big man can run sometimes.

So kudos to Oregon for the fake punt, kudos to Casey Rogers for showing his wheels, 300-pounder gaining 20 yards. Nice play.

ROSS DELENGER: I remember in the-- yeah, you try not to, like, exclaim in the press box. But as the play unfolded, I was like, "fake" in the press box. You know? I was like, oops, sorry. Yeah.

DAN WETZEL: Probably not hearing it. Yeah, yeah, it's [? just ?] natural. No, prime said that got the thing going and they never looked back. They never recovered. So yeah, pretty good. There you have it. That was our innovative play of the weekend. Thanks again to Invesco QQQ.