Ingles Athlete of the Week for Sept. 25 - Oct. 1: Franklin girls tennis' Kate Phillips

Name: Kate Phillips

School: Franklin

Sport: Girls Tennis

How old were you when you started playing tennis and what got you into the sport?

I got into the sport because my dad is a physical therapist, and he had a patient who played tennis. He offered to give me free lessons, so my dad voluntold me into it and I had fun. That was around the beginning of ninth grade.

Do you play other sports?

I swim. The events I like to swim are the 500-meter freestyle and the 100-meter backstroke, and then I’m in the medley relay.

What’s your favorite part of the game?

My favorite part is probably that you get to play individually and it’s all on your own but then you still have the teammate atmosphere.

Do you prefer singles or doubles?

I prefer playing doubles.

You recently moved up to No. 1 singles from No. 2, what work did you put in to get to that spot?

I did a lot more practicing. I tried to start doing strength training, and then working a lot more on technique and ball placement.

Franklin is undefeated and you’re 16-2, what’s been working so well for you this year to have that kind of success?

We have a really great team in general. Our attitude is just phenomenal, so that really helps. When we’re doing cardio and stuff that’s not really tennis but is very much tennis related, it keeps all of our spirits up and we’re super competitive within our team. A lot of positivity, working hard and not giving up.

You’ve beaten West Henderson once and play them again soon to decide the conference, what is that matchup like for you?

It’s always a great match with West Henderson. They’re really a great bunch of people and we always have super intense matches with them. I’m expecting a tiebreak either way if I win or lose, but I’m hoping my team will come out on top.

What is your go to fast food order?

If you count Zaxby’s, the boneless Tongue Torch wings are my go-to. They’re so good. They’re awesome if you add some celery sticks to it.

This article originally appeared on Asheville Citizen Times: Ingles Athlete of the Week: Franklin girls tennis' Kate Phillips