'Infuriated Knicks fan' sells his fandom for $3,500, is now a Los Angeles Lakers fan

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Former <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/teams/nyk" data-ylk="slk:New York Knicks">New York Knicks</a> fan Evan Perlmutter will now be rooting for the <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/teams/lal" data-ylk="slk:Los Angeles Lakers">Los Angeles Lakers</a> after a Southern California YouTuber bought his fandom on eBay for $3,500. (Photo courtesy of Evan Perlmutter)
Former New York Knicks fan Evan Perlmutter will now be rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers after a Southern California YouTuber bought his fandom on eBay for $3,500. (Photo courtesy of Evan Perlmutter)

Evan Perlmutter, like many other New York Knicks fans, was extremely frustrated with the franchise. 

They haven’t won a championship in over 40 years, and have had some very rough seasons recently. It’s a totally fair — and all too common — frustration among their fans.

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So, Perlmutter put his Knicks fandom up for sale on eBay earlier this month — and it appears he finally has a buyer.

James Riedel — a 23-year-old YouTuber from Southern California — had the winning bid of $3,500 this week. Perlmutter will now be a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I am a lifelong LeBron James fan, and a Lakers fan of a month and half,” Riedel told Bleacher Report. “I originally thought about turning Evan into a Nets fan for the torment, but I feel like he should be able to root for the King before he retires.”

There are stipulations to the deal, however. Perlmutter promised to bet $500 on the team’s over/under, get a license plate casing for his car, and purchase NBA League Pass. He’ll also attend two Lakers games this season — one home and one on the road — and buy a pair of jerseys, too.

He also promised to burn at least three pieces of Knicks memorabilia, which Riedel plans to use on his YouTube channel.

The Knicks themselves didn’t take too kindly to his public sale, however they seem to have moved on just fine.

“We’re sure our millions of loyal Knicks fans won’t mind losing this attention-grabbing gentleman,” the team said in a statement. “We remain focused on the upcoming season—with a hard-working team that is proud to represent New York and its dedicated fans.”

While James has brought plenty of fans over to the Lakers with his move this summer, it appears the team has picked up another “die-hard” fan — at least for the time being.

“(The post) didn’t clarify how long. I don’t know about the long-term feasibility,” Perlmutter told Bleacher Report before the deal went down. “For at least two years I’m officially off the (Knicks) bandwagon, I’m going to whatever team I get assigned to and when that team plays the Knicks I’ll be booing the Knicks and rooting for the other team.”

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