Influence of OC Arthur Smith already showing at Steelers OTAs

Every week, we see the evolution of the NFL offense. If a team wants to stay relevant, creativity and the willingness to change is a must. This was one particularly frustrating thing about watching the Pittsburgh Steelers when Matt Canada was the offensive coordinator.

Week after week of trying to do the same things with no results but being too dense to make even the most basic of changes to advance the offense. But it seems those days are behind Pittsburgh with the addition of new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.

As you can see from the video below, Smith is working on read options concepts which has always been something of a hallmark of this offenses when he has the players to run it. This was something be banged the table for with Kenny Pickett at quarterback and never understood why Canada and head coach Mike Tomlin didn’t at least try and add that extra dimension to the offense.

The Steelers have two quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields who have more than enough athleticism to give the Steelers offense some extra punch but more than that, just getting so many reports about how much more creative and dynamic this scheme is very promising for the upcoming season.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire