'Incredible' Milner 'is a machine'

Michael Brown

James Milner has just signed a new deal at Brighton and I can say the man is an absolute machine and one at the highest order.

That is why he is just 20 games away from breaking Gareth Barry's Premier League record of 653.

From 16 years old, his dedication to the job has been insane. That includes his diet and the way he goes about himself.

He is an athlete and a top-end one. Just incredible.

You would be shocked how good he is in pre-season. He will still be smashing all the records and be right at the top of interval and long-distance training. It is only the quicker stuff where he will begin to struggle.

I cannot tell you how fit he is and long term he has the right mentality to be a coach.

He is very balanced and almost obsessive in what he does. If he could do that in coaching then he would be very good!

He is a role model, so the way he will help in the Brighton dressing room with the younger players is huge. They will all listen to him because he has an aura about him.

When he is physically doing what he is doing, they will all be thinking: "How is he doing this." And that will only earn more respect too.

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport's Katie Stafford