‘Inbred hillbilly’ Bryce Mitchell wants to own a farm with Sean O’Malley, teach him about Jesus and the flat earth

Bryce Mitchell got back in the win column at UFC Fight Night 228 this past Saturday, but no one’s going to be talking about that now.

The talk was about his post-fight mic time and his Bible-raising call for “Freedom!” during his introduction. He dug his heels in Monday with a response on Instagram and apology to UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley for some past comments.

Mitchell’s monologue moved to farming, how he’ll prove to O’Malley the earth is flat, which will help him have his come-to-Jesus moment, and how he wants to own a farm with the UFC bantamweight champion. We could transcribe it and let you read the madness, but why not just take a look and listen.

Watch the video below:

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie