In brief interview, Antonio Brown says, 'I put myself in a bad predicament'

Shalise Manza Young
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A Florida judge freed Antonio Brown from house arrest earlier this week, though the other conditions tied to his case in an alleged burglary with battery case remain.

On Tuesday, Brown granted a short interview to USA Today reporter Josh Peter as he left the Broward County Courthouse.

Even in a brief interview, Brown managed to be insufferable.

‘I finally got some freedom’

“I put myself in a bad predicament. I’m out of it now, man,” he said. “Unfortunate situation, but we don’t make excuses, and we’re going to make the best of it.”

We’re not sure what makes Brown think he’s “out of it now” in regard to this current case. While Circuit Judge Michael Usan allowed Brown to take off his GPS ankle monitor, he still must check in with court personnel every day and there are likely court dates to come.

Brown said he felt badly for kids that look up to him: “I’m going to make them proud, man. I’m planning to come back to the NFL.”

This, of course, is entirely out of Brown’s hands. The NFL will allow Brown back into the league if and when it completes its investigation into the allegations of forcible rape and sexual impropriety stemming from a Florida lawsuit filed by a woman who was once his trainer, and a second woman who alleged impropriety while she was painting a mural at his Pittsburgh-area home.

And after that concludes, there’s still a likely suspension, and then Brown has to hope that a team is willing to overlook his litany of non-legal transgressions over the last 13 months — sitting out the final days of practice before the Pittsburgh Steelers’ must-win 2018 regular-season finale, which led to his benching; the video goodbye to Steelers fans weeks before he was traded to the Oakland Raiders; the temper tantrum over his helmet during his brief time as a member of the Raiders; the video in which he told the Raiders to release him; the Twitter meltdown when the New England Patriots released him after he included the artist in a group text with associates and asked them to look into her, and on and on.

A Florida circuit judge has freed Antonio Brown from house arrest. (David Santiago/Miami Herald/TNS)
A Florida circuit judge freed Antonio Brown from house arrest. (David Santiago/Miami Herald/TNS)

“I think I’ve got a shot [at returning to the league],” Brown said.

Shirtless outside the courthouse as he spoke to Peter, Brown flexed his muscles and was singing Kendrick Lamar’s “God.” “Hey, this what God feels like,” he said.

When he stopped singing, Brown told Peter he was going to work out.

“I’m going to go to the gym,” he said. “Man, I finally got some freedom. Now I’m going to go work out.”

Finally got some freedom after a whopping four days home confinement. In his home inside a gated community. Must have been so tough.

Incident details

According to the incident report, police in Hollywood, Florida, responded to a disturbance call at Brown’s home on Jan. 21. A moving truck driver alleged that the altercation began when Brown refused to pay $4,000 to release his goods on the truck. When the driver got back in his truck to leave, Brown allegedly threw a rock at the vehicle, causing a small dent and chipping paint.

The driver returned to Brown’s home when the manager of the moving company assured him that Brown would pay the $4,000 plus an additional $860 for the damage to the truck and the driver’s time.

According to police, when the driver returned Brown paid the $4,000 but refused to pay the additional amount. The driver went to his cab to call the company and that’s when Brown started another argument, according to police.

Police say Brown climbed into the cab to try to pull the driver out, causing injuries to his neck, shoulder, arm and stomach.

Brown’s trainer, Glenn Holt, grabbed the keys from the ignition and used them to open the back of the truck while Brown and “other unidentified friends” began removing boxes. But those boxes belonged to another client, police said, not Brown.

When the driver told Brown they weren’t removing the receiver’s boxes, the 31-year-old and his group “started tossing the items back into the truck, causing damage to some of the property.”

Police were called a second time, and when they arrived Brown “retreated inside of his residence and shut the door.”

Holt was arrested that day and posted bail; Brown was charged on Jan. 22 and turned himself in the next day.

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