Important milestone: Kevin Love achieves maximum dunk face

"Obviously, I'd like to thank everyone who's supported me over the years for helping me reach this goal so early in my NBA career. But I also want to briefly recognize some people who haven't always been so supportive. People like coach Rambis, who figured I should probably only play half a game for a really long time. Or the editor of my GQ blog, who made fun of the way I was dressed for my appearance on 'The Suite Life on Deck,' which I didn't appreciate. Or Wesley Johnson, for obvious reasons.

"The sheer rage I feel in my heart when I reflect on your slights, acts as a sort of fuel for my play; in a very real sense, you've given me the motivation I need to improve all facets of my game, including my dunk-face game. Is it working? I think the answer is as plain as the soul-tormenting anguish on my face."

Kevin Love(notes), probably

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