Immediate Twitter must-follow: NBA super-fan Jim Goldstein

SLAM contributor and all-around super-fan Myles Brown was the first to notice that NBA super-fan Jim Goldstein, in the news of the day, has created a Twitter account. Goldstein, an architectural maven that has been a fixture at NBA playoff games for years, is currently in Cambodia and not exactly dropping a wealth of NBA knowledge on his feed, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to tell you not to follow the guy. He remains one of the league’s most lovable curios, and most recognizable figures.

He’s also, alligator-skin jackets and arm candy aside, a guy that knows and loves the NBA inside and out. Though Goldstein gives away very little as to background about where and how he accrued his wealth (The Wall St. Journal estimates that Goldstein could be a billionaire, based off of shrewd work in the California real estate market), he parlayed a childhood gig working as a statistician for the Milwaukee Hawks into a lifelong obsession with the NBA. In a recent and very good interview with Derek Blasberg at Interview, NBA commissioner David Stern discusses one of his more unique NBA obsessives:

“James Goldstein is our largest investor in NBA tickets in the world,” says David Stern, commissioner of the NBA. “And, he’s the most uniquely dressed fan.” “He has a true love for fashion,” adds Jean Paul Gaultier, whose shows Goldstein has attended for years. “It’s reflected in the confident and unique way he dresses.”

Though Goldstein lives in California and owns season tickets to both Lakers and Clippers games, throughout the NBA's three-month playoff run he can be seen courtside at various arenas, mostly in the Western conference. Goldstein professes not to have a favorite team, and he remains a silent observer throughout most of the contests he attends -- rarely interacting with referees or making a scene.

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Outside of that night's outfit, of course. Click the jump to take in some of the Goldstein glory years.

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