IMG Academy golfer earns spot on Steph Curry's international golf tour

BRADENTON, Fla. - Roman Solomon didn't find golf, it just kind of found him.

"I did a summer camp when I was younger," the IMG Academy junior recalls.

"You'd play throughout the day and then go to the pool. I told my dad that I didn't really want to go to the pool anymore. I just wanted to go play more golf."

Luckily for Roman, his swing was definitely something his dad could help him out with since, as a former MLB all-star, Bobby Bonilla was no stranger to perfecting his own swing.

"This is true," Bonilla said. "I enjoyed hitting the fastball."

Only Roman wouldn't be staring down pitchers from a batter's box but chose, instead, to stare down fairways from a tee box.

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"If he saw a golf course, he would rather go hit a golf ball," Bonilla said.

Ever since he first picked up a set of clubs, Roman has worked on his game.

"I definitely want to play professional golf one day. I just don't know when," he said.

For the last two years, meanwhile, Roman has gotten a small taste of the professional golf life while playing on Steph Curry's Underrated Golf Tour.

Getting to play against some of the best junior golfers from around the country, Roman has stepped up to the task.

"It's amazing," Roman said. "It is what you practice for, what you come out here and grind for. You just go out to a tournament and try to win."

Finishing in the top-three during the tour's last tournament of the year, Roman qualified to take part in the Underrated Tour's first European Tournament this Spring, as one of just six Americans to do so.

"They have opened so many doors for me," Roman said. "If you play well there, you get some exemptions to go into these other bigger junior golf tournaments."

Those doors may have been opened, but Roman was the one that walked through them thanks to his success on the golf course.

It is success that is thanks, in part, to a swing every bit as sweet as his dad's once was.

Roman, however, is content swinging for the fairways rather than the fences.

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