Ime Udoka on Alperen Sengun: ‘His IQ is even higher than you think’

Through 10 games, Alperen Sengun leads the Rockets in average points (19.8) and rebounds (8.2) per game. The third-year center has helped Houston (6-4) exceed all expectations — including a recent six-game winning streak — for the 2023-24 season to date.

After spending his first two NBA years under the guidance of Stephen Silas, Ime Udoka is now the head coach of the Rockets.

And in a new feature story on Sengun penned by Michael Pina of The Ringer, Udoka isn’t shy about giving Sengun his due credit.

Among Udoka’s comments:

I think his IQ is even higher than you think. He really understands the game, and for a guy at his age, being so young, he’s able to do a lot of things that guys like Jokic and those guys are doing.

While Udoka isn’t taking it easy on Sengun during practices and in film study sessions, the Turkish big man made it clear that he embraces tough coaching from a leader such as Udoka.

Pina’s complete feature story on Sengun can be read here.

Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire