Iman Shumpert helped end an Amar’e Stoudmire parody Twitter account, as good teammates should

This isn’t exactly the sort of story anyone thought they’d be reading or writing, say, five years ago, but New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert was crucial in attempting to move one lame Amar’e Stoudemire parody Twitter account into the online pile of ashes. As first reported by MSG Network’s Alan Hahn, and brought to our attention by Dime and The Basketball Jones, Shumpert publicly shamed the former owner of the “@AmarKnee” Twitter handle before the account was suspended.

Here’s Hahn’s take, from Sulia:

Upon noticing the follower's handle, Shumpert on Monday sent the person a direct message that said, "This ain't funny. It's disrespectful to a man. A father. A warrior. A role model. And one of my good friends. Delete this page."

The person, of course, posted the DM proudly to show off how Shumpert contacted him. Shumpert replied publicly, saying again, "Delete ur profile and do the right thing."

(How hard is it to just write “y-o-u-r?” Seriously.)

Shortly thereafter, the account was gone.

(Posting Twitter direct messages publicly. That’s the sort of move you’d expect from a person that creates parody accounts.)

Dime led us to Shumpert’s Twitter response:

There’s an ideal that bears repeating, one that just seems so elusive to most people that type things out on the internet – don’t be a [jerk] on the internet. We’ve been at this for nearly a couple of decades now, and it’ll be unfortunate if the internet’s first 20 years will probably mostly be remembered for heaps of pornography, all those kitten .GIFs , and anonymous people acting terribly to each other. Two out of three ain’t bad.

I’m also reminded of Jake Fogelnest quickly making a point to sign up and grab the rights to various and obvious parody account handles in the immediate wake of celebrity meltdowns, or newsworthy events, just so people aren’t allowed to make terrible jokes under the guise of “@AmandaBynesDog” or “@AnthonyWeinersPhone.” They’re stupid and unfunny, and that tagline goes quadruple for all the various fake Will Ferrell and Bill Walton accounts.

So kudos to Iman Shumpert, for looking out for a man that has been nothing less than diligent in attempting to return from a series of injuries that were not his fault.

(Save for this one.)

For years, Amar’e Stoudemire (whose Twitter account can be found here) has played through pain. He came back way too early from microfracture surgery in 2006 in an attempt to help the Phoenix Suns, he’s played through crippling back woes, he suffered a detached retina in 2009, and has been working his damndest over the last two offseasons to develop his game and find a role on these Knicks that suits the team. It’s true that he’s been paid quite a bit to do this, but the man has also had to suffer with the indignity of being asked to come off the bench (the proper move for New York, but still one that’s hard to stomach as a former All-Star), while being treated like a contractual millstone by both fans and media alike.

The last thing he needs is some damned whippersnapper taking japes at the man in 140 characters or less. Good thing Iman Shumpert’s Twitter policing remains on point.

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