Imagining a 12-Team College Football Playoff field for 2023 | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde hop on the College Football Enquirer to discuss what a 12-team College Football Playoff field for 2023 would look like, and debate if the CFP will regret not having quarterfinal games on campuses.

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Video Transcript


DAN WETZEL: Imagine we had a 12 team playoff this year. I did some calculations. Projecting a few victories, losses. But hate me for whatever. Just imagine what we would have this year. And I went with the AP poll at the top. Georgia one, Michigan two, Texas three Florida State four.

And when I go through this, you will see how imperative it is that this little committee ditches their Bowl buddies and gives the quarterfinals two home game home sites. Like imagine quarterfinal sites at Georgia, Michigan, Texas, and Florida State and saying, no, no, no, no, no that University of Phoenix Stadium is just so much better of a place to watch a game.

PAT FORDE: Georgia wouldn't like to have Penn State come in between the hedges. Not when you can go play--

DAN WETZEL: Let's go to Hard Rock Stadium surrounded by parking lots. And that's much better than the big house. OK, here's the first round. Oregon hosts Fresno State. How'd you like that one? Look out, Ducks. Alabama, 11 seed Alabama at number six Ohio State.

PAT FORDE: Oh, yeah that wouldn't do well. That wouldn't be fun.

DAN WETZEL: Number 10, USC travels to Washington. So that would be kind of a rematcher, but whatever. Number nine LSU at number eight Penn State.


DAN WETZEL: That's what I got.

PAT FORDE: You created a Big Ten fever dream there. You got Alabama playing in Columbus and LSU playing in State College in the winter. That's like all they ever talk about. Oh, well, they never come up here and play us when it's cold. Well.

DAN WETZEL: Oh yeah. An then Fresno-Oregon winner would go play Florida State, but not in Tallahassee. You're going to be sitting there in Florida State going no, no, no, we want them here.


DAN WETZEL: Yeah. You'd have Alabama-Ohio State winner go play Texas. You'd have the USC-Washington winner go play Michigan. And you'd have LSU-Penn State winner go play Georgia.

PAT FORDE: Fantastic.

DAN WETZEL: It took this long for them not to finally get almost here.


DAN WETZEL: They're still going to screw it up a little because they just can't help themselves. I think that would be pretty exciting. It's going to be wild next year. It's going to be wild.

PAT FORDE: It will be wild. And that's the thing we've been talking about throughout this season. Like the interest is going up right now. Wait until next year when we get this. I just can't even believe what the interest level is going to be nationally.