IHOP is savagely trolled after becoming IHOb

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The International House of Pancakes, more affectionately known as IHOP, made a huge announcement this week: It's changing its name to IHOb. The iconic brand went all in too, changing its Twitter name and even many restaurant signs.

Ok, nobody really thinks this is anything more than a temporary marketing ploy from the 60-year-old breakfast chain, but for all intents and purposes, the scheme worked. After teasing the internet last week by announcing the IHOb plan, the chain held off on revealing what the “b” stood for, which of course got everyone talking.

Now, IHOP — er, we mean IHOb — has officially clued us in. The “b” is for burgers. Yes, burgers. IHOb President Darren Rebelez made the announcement on Fox and Friends.

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Pancake lovers can rest easy, though: The world-famous hotcakes aren’t going anywhere. Rebelez explained the reason for the change while assuring breakfast fans that the pancakes are staying.

“We’re always going to have pancakes on the menu. We’re always going to be IHOP,” he told Fox and Friends. “But America loves burgers, and America loves IHOP, and we thought this was a fantastic combination to bring America’s burgers to an iconic brand like IHOP.”

Citing the pancake chain's flatlining sales, Forbes pointed out what IHOP’s president wouldn’t say on national television: America is becoming more health-conscious, and a stack of buttery carbs slathered in sugary syrup isn't the breakfast staple it once was.

Despite the desperate need for a revamp, the internet is in full agreement: International House of “B”urgers is not the way to go. Wendy's FTW.

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