Idris Elba's foot fetish got in the way of a sex scene with Kate Winslet

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On The Graham Norton Show, Kate Winslet revealed that Idris Elba’s foot fetish nearly got in the way of shooting a love scene in their new movie, The Mountain Between Us.

Though Elba has talked about it in the past, Winslet was apparently unaware of his affection for feet. Winslet has what she referred to as “hobbit feet” and at first thought Elba wanted her to keep her socks on for the scene because he didn’t want to see her feet.

“I’ve got very, very big feet. And they aren’t particularly beautiful feet either,” Winslet said. “I’m thinking, ‘Poor Idris just doesn’t want to see my feet ’cause maybe he just does not like feet in general and that’s the whole thing.’”

Of course, that wasn’t the case. Winslet soon learned that what she thought was actually the exact opposite of what was going on.

Elba admitted, “I got a thing.”

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