Idris Elba Says He’s Too Old To Play James Bond?

The discussion around Idris Elba possibly becoming the next lead actor in the James Bond franchise has been ongoing for the better part of the past decade. However, with Daniel Craig, the last actor to play Bond, having left the franchise and the search for a replacement having begun, talks have heated up concerning Idris possibly stepping into the role, which would make him the first Black man to play the iconic special agent.

Yet, Elba, who has all but given up hope in securing the role, says he feels he’d be too old to play Bond, particularly for an extended period of time given his age. “I am 50 this year. Let’s say you sign up for three films – nobody wants to see Bond giving chase or beating up guys when he is 60,” Elba argues. “I am probably too old to take on the role now.”

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While Elba feels he may have aged out of the opportunity to play Bond, he does feel there’s room for him to play an opposite, antagonist role. “If there was a chance to be involved and the role was right for me, why not? It would be incredible to be a Bond villain,” Elba allegedly told the British tabloid The Sun.

Elba’s comments come months after Bond producer Barbara Broccoli expressed Elba as one of the prospective actors who could possibly still take on the role. “We know Idris … he’s a magnificent actor,” Broccoli said before adding that he’s “been part of the conversation.” However, Craig was actively playing Bond at the time and she stopped short of giving any additional insight, adding “it’s always difficult to have a conversation when you have somebody else in the seat.”

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