Idiot on the field at Dodger Stadium gets laid out by ball girl

Idiots on the field are a rare breed, but there is still some diversity among them.

Some have a destination in mind. Some just want a hug. Some have a plan for a gambling windfall they immediately self-sabotaged. One thing many of them have in common, though, is a rough end at the hands of security guards. Or, in this case, a ball girl.

Dodger Stadium was the site of the latest idiot on the field Sunday, and let us tell you, this was a talented idiot on the field. He managed to make into center field, at which point he was seemingly surrounded by a half-dozen members of the security team.

Displaying elite speed and hurdling a tackle attempt, our protagonist booked it for right field, where a short fence might have provided a natural escape. If it weren't for a ball girl, lying in wait.

One hard push and one crash over the fence later, the runner was on the ground and being apprehended by security. Television feeds typically avoid airing footage of idiots on the field so they don't encourage the behavior, but there are no such rules on social media:

A hit just in time for NFL preseason.

The performance in the outfield interrupted what was otherwise an 8-2 Dodgers beatdown against the Los Angeles Angels. The biggest highlight at the plate was Albert Pujols' two-run homer against the team that cut him earlier this season, ending a 10-year and $240 million tenure.

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